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Hammocks and Swings โ€” Parachutes Reimagined


Levity aims to redesign the current cradle to grave cycle in parachute manufacturing.

Taking the original material properties of strength and lightweight pack volume of parachutes combined with the magic feeling of being suspended by lines and fabric, LEVITY products aim to bring sustainability from one industry into multiple new communities.


The problem

The current cradle to grave cycle in skydiving parachute manufacturing and consumer behavior leads to abundant waste of ripstop nylon, a non biodegradable material. Sport and Military parachutes are created to last thousands of jumps or up to 20 years. However, at the end of their life cycle, the hundreds of thousands of square feet of fabric end up in landfills.

How can non-airworthy parachutes and gear be deconstructed and turned into new products to retain sentimental and material value to complete a new, sustainable cycle with an even wider audience and user group?



A redesign of the current cradle to grave business model in parachute manufacturing, including the creation of a line of little to no waste products comprised of hammocks, swinging chairs, and more created from donated gear. 

Levity doesn't aim to recreate the camping hammock -- just make it even better and lay truth to the claim that many other companies make about being constructed of parachute material. What makes Levity products stand apart from competitors is the sustainable, little to no waste business model.  Levity isn't a brand new idea, but rather the strategy, ethics, community, and culture behind it.