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Aiming to redesign the current cradle to grave cycle in parachute manufacturing, Levity is a line of little to no waste products of hammocks, swinging chairs, and more made almost entirely of donated and up cycled parachutes and gear.

Taking the original material properties of strength and lightweight pack volume of parachutes, combined with the concept of being suspended by lines and fabric, Levity products aim to bring sustainability from one industry into multiple new communities.




lev·i·ty | \ ˈle-və-tē

“Levity was once a scientific term. Levity originally was thought to be a physical force exactly like gravity but pulling in the opposite direction, like the helium in a balloon. As recently as the 19th century, scientists were still arguing about its existence. Today levity refers only to lightness in manner”

Merriam Webster Dictionary




Keeps non biodegradable nylon out of landfills by giving manufacturers and consumers a source for scrap material and no longer airworthy parachutes and gear.  


Stakeholders get to make ecofriendly and sustainable choices while also getting rid of scraps and receiving a small gift made of their donated material or a discount towards a different, in stock product.


Culture and history is shared within the skydiving community through history of material on product labels while also expanding the culture into other outdoor markets expanding the cycle of sustainability even further.




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CEO/Founder/Lead Industrial Designer

Leah Levy is an industrial designer in the skydiving industry having interned and worked with leading manufacturers and drop zones in research and development, graphic design, and branding and marketing. Leah’s love for great design combined with her love for skydiving as a fun jumper, videographer, parachute packer, and more has lead her to create Levity to bring sustainability to the industry and sport.


David Cherry

Content Creator/Production Assistant

David Cherry is a professional skydiver and graphic designer working in the industry as a free fall and ground videographer/photographer, load organizer, and designer for leading drop zones, manufacturers and teams. With over 3,000+ jumps in 8 years, David has worked with the United States Parachute Association as a graphic designer as well as published photographer in Parachutist and Blue Skies Magazine.



Sustainable supporters

Levity is currently proud to recognize and thank these manufacturers, dropzones, and businesses as Sustainable Supporters for their continuous help in donations, material, and use of space for hosting events and receiving shipments.

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